In July 2012 Perrysburg Township’s contract with One Call Now™ was bought out by CodeRED.  CodeRED is a telephone communication service that allows Perrysburg Township to quickly notify citizens about emergency situations.  Perrysburg Township residents who registered with One Call Now™ have been transferred to the new CodeRED system.  However, citizens are encouraged go to the website and register their current contact information, including cell phone numbers, business and home telephones, as well as email addresses and text addresses where they would like to receive notifications, through the system’s Citizen Enrollment Notification page.  Although residents are guaranteed to receive emergency notifications upon enrollment, they may opt-out of receiving a variety of other general notifications that may include road work and community announcements.

If Perrysburg Township residents have specific questions related to this service, please contact Chief Tom Brice at or 419.887.6926.