Based on policies and priorities set by Perrysburg Township Trustees, the township administrator and the office staff handle day-to-day oversight and monitoring of service delivery, planning and coordination of the budget, state and federal regulation compliance, and citizen requests.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m.

Questions related to a specific department should be directed to that department first.

Walt Celley, Township Administrator

Phone: 419.887.6914 Fax: 419.872.8889

Walt Celley became the Township’s second full time Administrator on January 2, 2013.  Walt comes to the Township with over 20 years’ experience as a private practice attorney, including three years as Perrysburg Township Law Director and 15 years’ experience representing townships in Lucas County.  Walt grew up in northwest Ohio and has lived in Perrysburg since 1979.  He is a graduate of Bowsher High School, BGSU, Owens Community College and UT College of Law.  He earned an Associate’s degree in Agri-Business in 1976 and spent nine years working in grain elevators prior to attending the College of Law.

Walt is an active member of the Perrysburg Rotary Club.

As Township Administrator, Walt supports the Township employees providing critical local government services to residents, businesses and members of the public.  He provides administrative support and services to the Township elected officials and the department heads who supervise departmental operations.  He provides direct assistance to Township residents and businesses on a myriad of issues.

Liz Avery, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 419.872.8861 Fax: 419.872.8889

Liz serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Township . Her work involves efforts to improve operations and work cooperatively with other staff members to provide quality seamless services to the residents of Perrysburg Township. Liz’s work also includes assistance with Information Technology, Human Resources, and Public Affairs coordination.  Public Affairs include maintaining the website, social media sites, and drafting   A Guidebook to Perrysburg Township.

01ee4b2Liz is a graduate of Bowling Green State University where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Technology. She was hired in September 2016. Liz was born and raised in Wauseon, Ohio, and resided there with her family for thirty years. Liz and her husband are currently residents of Bowling Green, Ohio. Liz worked in the automotive supplier industry in Human Resources for many years.  She currently serves as a Board Member for the Wauseon Public Library.

Jamie Slee, Financial Secretary

Phone: 419.872.8861 Fax: 419.872.8889

Jamie serves as the financial secretary.  Her duties also include payroll.

Jamie was born and raised in Perrysburg Ohio, has two children and still resides in Perrysburg with her husband Russ.  She worked for Bennett Enterprises for numerous years starting her employment with them while still attending Perrysburg High School.  Jamie worked at the French Quarter and for the Ralphie’s division. She began her employment at the Township in 2007.  She started at the Township as a dispatcher.  Jamie then took over the records position/dispatcher supervisor/administrative assistant for the police department.  She transferred to the administrative offices in June 2021.

Perrysburg Township has a Records Retention Schedule.  With guidance from this schedule, Perrysburg Township maintains its records in an orderly fashion. The general public has a right to request and copy the public records of Perrysburg Township during its regular business hours from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.