Snow Removal


Snow Removal Tips

To aid the Maintenance Department in clearing the snow in an efficient manner, the Road Superintendent asks residents to please do the following:

* Delay as much non-essential travel as possible until after the roads have been cleared.

* Throughout snowfalls, of more than 2 inches, park on driveways to allow crews to plow the entire street.

* When using a snow blower, shovel, or plow to clear your  driveway, please do not push the snow out into the street.

* To avoid clearing your driveway entrance repeatedly, wait until the plow truck has completed clearing the roadway curb to curb.

* As you shovel your driveway, and have a fire hydrant close by, please also take a second to dig it out. This will aid our Fire  Department in the event of an emergency.

Plowing responsibilities

The Road Superintendent reminds residents not all roadways within the Township are maintained by
Perrysburg Township Maintenance Department. Certain roadways are maintained by other government agencies or private developers.

* The Ohio Department of Transportation maintains State routes.  419. 353.0866

* Routes: 795, 199, 20, 65

* The Wood County Engineer’s Office maintains County roads.  419.354.9071

* Oregon, Lime City, Roachton, Tracy, & parts of Dowling Roads

* Condo/ apartment complexes and mobile home parks should contact the owners of the complex for questions about plowing snow.

Mailbox Policy

As the snow begins to fall, the Township will plow its roads to  ensure the safety of its residents.  While plowing snow the issue of fallen mailboxes arises.  If a mailbox is damaged by the blade of a Township snow plow it will be replaced with a galvanized mailbox with a 4 x 4 post, at the expense of the Township.  If a mailbox is damaged in any other way, the Township will erect the damaged mailbox so the owner can continue to receive mail, but any expenses to replace the damaged mailbox will be the responsibility of the owner.