Mark Hetrick, Police Chief

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Chief Hetrick_websiteChief Mark Hetrick, appointed by the Perrysburg Township Trustees, has served as Chief of Police since February 2011.  He oversees the department which includes 25 sworn officers, six dispatchers, and one records clerk/dispatcher.  He is committed to his officers and serving the citizens of Perrysburg Township in a professional and proactive manor.

Chief Hetrick’s education includes an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Owens Community College, Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy from Owens Community College, and various other police related schools over his long career.  He first came to Perrysburg Township in 1983 as an intern with the Police Department.  Not being old enough to join the department he joined the United States Army Military Police to gain experience.  He served three years at Ft. Still, Oklahoma as a K-9 handler and SRT member. Once his enlistment was up, then Chief Cloyce McGiffin, gave him a job with the Perrysburg Township Police Department.  He served as a patrolman from 1986-2002.  He was promoted to Sergeant in August 2002, a position he held until October 2008 when he was promoted to Detective Sergeant.  He held that position until his promotion to Chief in February 2011.

From the desk of the Chief….

I would like to welcome everyone to this website.  The purpose of this page is to provide a more in-depth glimpse into what I truly believe is one of the best police departments in America.  We have twenty four officers, six dispatchers, and one records clerk working within the Department.  Each one of us is absolutely dedicated to the safety of this community. Our goals are met not only by being professional, but by following three simple rules that help guide our work in a reasonable manner.  These rules are as follows:

Always try your best
Always try to do the right thing
Always treat others the same way you would like to be treated if you were in the same situation

It is vital that our workforce be well trained so they can handle the stress police work can sometimes create, and I believe our Department is very well trained.  We have an aggressive in-service training program to help keep our officers prepared to handle whatever incident they may face during their shift. It has always been my pleasure to serve all the people who live, work, or visit the Perrysburg Township boundaries.  I am honored to be the Perrysburg Township Police Chief, but even more than that, I feel privileged to be part of a police department that truly encompasses the motto “to protect and serve”. Our pledge to you is to provide Perrysburg Township a quality police service, and we will always strive to improve our quality of work every day.


Mark Hetrick

The mission of the Perrysburg Township Police Department is to affirmatively promote a feeling of safety and security to the members of our community. We do this by providing high quality police services related to the protection of life and property; by taking steps to prevent criminal activity; by detecting and investigating criminal activity; by the apprehension of offenders and the enforcement of criminal laws; by recovering property; by providing leadership in community involvement and awareness programs; by keeping and maintaining records; by training of personnel; and by maintaining high ethical standards.

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