Fire & EMS Team Members


Tom Brice, Fire Chief

Phone: 419.887.6926 Fax: 419.887.6937

Chief Brice Picture 1

Chief Brice has been a member of the department since 1993. At that time, he joined the department as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. Subsequently, he was hired as a part-time employee on the life squad as an advanced EMT/Firefighter I. In 1995 he completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology at Bowling Green State University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. In 1996 he was hired as a full-time member of the EMS department. Later that same year he completed his paramedic training at the Medical College of Ohio. In 1997 he completed his Fire II training. Currently, Chief Brice is certified as a Paramedic, Firefighter II, Fire Safety Inspector, Fire Instructor, and CE Instructor.

He was active in EMS education for many years teaching for the Medical College and Owens Community College. He has since scaled back his teaching but still frequently conducts in-house training for the department.

In January 2004, he was promoted to Deputy Chief, then completed the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Ohio Fire Executive Program at The Ohio State University. This was a 2.5-year program covering executive-level leadership in the fire service. In March 2011, he was promoted to Fire Chief in which capacity he continues to serve.

Chief Brice is an active member of numerous committees in Northwest Ohio. He is the first vice chair of the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC). He is a member of the Wood County Fire Chiefs’ Association, the Lucas County Fire Chiefs’ Association, the Northwest Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association, the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He also serves on advisory boards for Owens Community College, Penta County, and Mercy College. In addition, he sits on the Stroke team and the Chest Pain Committee at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Chief Brice has been married to his wife, Angella, for twenty-five years. They have three children: Jasmine, Noah, and Levi. In his spare time, he enjoys his family and the outdoors. Together they frequently camp, backpack, hike, and fish. He also has a harlequin Great Dane, Pepper, who he enjoys training and hiking with.


Jim Rodriguez, Deputy Fire Chief

Phone: 419.887.6922  Fax: 419.887.6937

Deputy Chief Rodriguez Picture 1

Deputy Chief Rodriguez was born and raised in the Toledo area. He is a 1991 graduate of St. John’s High School and continues to be a “man for others”.  He and his wife, Barb, moved to  Perrysburg Township in 1995 and started their family.  That same year he was hired by the Perrysburg Township Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. In 1997 Perrysburg Township decided that they wanted fire personnel on duty 24/7/365. Jim was one of the first seven firefighters hired to fill this need.

Due to his heroic actions at an accident scene that injured multiple Perrysburg Township firefighters, police officers, and civilians. He was awarded the Black Swamp Humanitarian, Beyond the Call of Duty Award in 2003. In 2004 he was selected as the Perrysburg Township Firefighter of the Year.  In 2006, Jim was promoted to Captain where he oversaw the operations of “A” Shift.   In April of 2013 he was promoted to Deputy Chief.   He continues to serve as Deputy Chief, where he assists Chief Brice in overseeing fire department operations.

Deputy Chief Rodriguez has several certifications including Firefighter II, paramedic, fire safety inspector, hazardous materials technician, and hazardous materials specialist in tank care, and is a certified State instructor. He has completed multiple leadership classes including Fire Officer I, II, and III.

Some of his key assignments as Deputy Chief have been the implementation of the Department’s first Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Replacement of outdated fire apparatus and upgrades to the Department’s communication systems. He currently oversees the IT operations for the Department and has been a tremendous asset to the entire Township in this arena. Chief Rodriguez also developed the Department’s first drone program. He is licensed by the FAA as a drone pilot (Part 107).

Deputy Chief Rodriguez has had many accomplishments thus far, but none greater than his three daughters Shelby, Taylor, and Mackenzie. All three of his daughters have now started their own families. During their spare time, both Jim and his wife love being grandparents to their grandchildren.


Keith Feeney Sr, Fire Inspector/Marshall

Phone: 419.872.8850  Fax: 419.887.6937


Fire Inspector Feeney Picture 1





Keith Joined the Perrysburg Township Fire Department on March 3, 1987, as a volunteer. Keith was one of the original full-time Firefighters hired by PTFD in November of 1997. Keith is a certified Firefighter 2, Advanced EMT, Fire instructor, Haz Mat Technician, and Fire Safety Inspector. Keith has received the following distinguished awards: PTFD Firefighter of the year in 1999; Blue Coat of the year 2015 – 2016 from the Diocese of Toledo; the Black Swamp Humanitarian Award of Beyond the Call of Duty 2003, and the Dr. Frank Foss EMS Excellence Award 2003 from Life Flight Mobile.

Keith has also been an Officer with the Northwest Ohio Volunteer Fireman Association since 2013. He has been married to his lovely wife Nikki for over 22 years, and they have a daughter named Nina together. Keith is also the proud father of Keith Jr from a previous marriage. Keith, along with his wife and daughter, enjoys their three German Short-hair pointers; Thor, Dew, and Kona.

Keith is responsible for the Fire Safety Inspections of all the Perrysburg Township Businesses; as well as approving and implementing the life safety plans of all incoming businesses. Keith also offers multiple levels of training to the public, including fire extinguisher training, basic first aid through the American Heart Association, CPR and AED training through the AHA, and basic fire
home safety.


Captain Paul Weist

Phone: 419.887.2259  Fax: 419.887.6937


captain Paul Weist Picture 1





Captain Weist graduated from Perrysburg High School with the Class of 1989 and began Military service shortly after graduation.  Captain Weist served as a Calvary Scout in the United States Army until his end-of-tour separation and Honorable Discharge in 1992.  After leaving the Army Captain Weist decided to pursue a career in EMS and attended EMT-Basic school at the Penta Career Center adult education program. While attending EMT school Captain Weist joined the Perrysburg Township Fire Department in September 1992.

Captain Weist completed fire training and proceeded to Advanced-EMT training at the Northwest Ohio Paramedic Training Program before being hired as a part-time Firefighter/Advanced-EMT by Perrysburg Township in 1994. Captain Weist worked full-time for Walker ambulance and Part-time for Perrysburg Township while attending Paramedic School at the Northwest Ohio Paramedic Training Program and earned his Paramedic Certification in 1995.

Captain Weist was hired as a full-time employee of the Perrysburg Township Fire Department in August of 1996. Captain Weist served as a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Perrysburg Township Fire Department until being promoted to Captain in 2006. Captain Weist has served as the C-shift Captain ever since.

C-Shift Pic




“C” Shift under the direction of Captain Weist








Rosie, born October 26, 2020, is a German Shorthaired Pointer currently in training to certify as an Area
Search K9. She is working towards certification through the National Search Dog Alliance. She is a
member of the non-profit, Black Swamp Search and Rescue group based out of Perrysburg. The group
specializes in finding both live and deceased victims. Once her training is completed she will be an asset
not only to Perrysburg Township but regionally as well.


Captain Mike Vajen

Phone: 419.887.2258  Fax: 419.887.6937


Captain Mike Vajen Picture 1





Captain Vajen joined Perrysburg Township Fire Department in February of 1983 as a volunteer. In February 1988, he was hired full-time. In 2012, he was named Firefighter of the Year. He was promoted to captain in 2013. Captain Vajen is currently assigned to the “A” shift. In addition to his shift duties, he is also the training officer coordinating department training and maintaining training records for the department.

Captain Vajen holds several certifications including Firefighter II, Paramedic, Fire Safety Inspector, Hazmat Technician, BLS Instructor, and is also a State certified EMS instructor. Captain Vajen is active in education and currently is an adjunct instructor at Owens Community College EMM Program teaching initial paramedic courses.

He is very active in the community as a member of the Pemberville-Freedom Fire Department where his wife Shelly and son Tyler are members as well. He is currently the president of the Wood County Firefighters Association and the treasurer of the Northwest Ohio Volunteer Fireman’s Association Charity Fund. In his free time, he and his wife enjoy camping.

A-Shift Picture2




“A” Shift under the direction of Captain Vajen


Captain Michael Hampton III

Phone: 419.887.2259  Fax: 419.887.6937


Captain Mike Hampton Picture-1





I have lived locally my entire life. I started in the fire service because I grew up in a fire family and I always knew I wanted to be a servant for others. My father volunteered in the 1970s with Springfield Twp. And my cousin served with the FDNY and was working the day of 9-11.

I graduated from Springfield High School in 2005. I started my fire service career in 2005 and have loved it since day 1.  I graduated from Owens and continued my educational path by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration at the University of Tiffin. Both Police and Fire have always been my career goals and I am thankful for the opportunity the fire department has provided for me and my family.

I have worked for several departments over my tenure and have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge.  Over my 17 years, I have received many awards that I am humbled and grateful for. I have been a recipient of Firefighter of the Year, EMT of the Year, and received a Medal of Valor. Above any
awards, I give thanks to God and the men and women in uniform.

I currently work in the capacity of Fire Captain and serve on a regional Special Response Team (SRT) as an Armed Tactical Paramedic. I hold various credentials in leadership and specialized certifications for the job.

My priorities in life are God, my wife, and my 3 daughters one of them being a fur baby. I look forward to serving the community and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have endured and will continue to have here at Perrysburg Township.





“B” Shift under the direction of Captain Hampton






Current Staffing:

(1) Fire Chief

(1) Deputy Chief

(1) Fire Inspector/Marshall

(3) Captains(All FFII, Paramedics, Haz-Mat Technicians, & Fire Safety Inspectors)

(18) Full-Time Firefighter/EMTs

  • All-trained State of Ohio Firefighter II
  • All trained hazardous materials technicians
  • 13 State of Ohio Paramedics
  • 2 State of Ohio EMT-Intermediates
  • 3 State of Ohio EMT-Basics

(14) Part-Time Firefighter/EMTs

  • 10 State of Ohio Firefighter II
  • 4 State of Ohio Firefighter I
  • 5 State of Ohio Paramedics
  • 2 State of Ohio EMT-Intermediates
  • 7 State of Ohio EMT-Basics


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