ISO Rating




The Perrysburg Township Fire Department is pleased to announce that as of December 3, 2019, our ISO rating has dropped to 04/4Y.  Previously the department held a rating of 5/8B.  This rating reduction may mean savings to taxpayers in Perrysburg Township on their homeowners and/or property insurance.  If you started living in Perrysburg Township on or before December 3, 2019, your insurance rates were probably set based on the old ISO score.  It might be worth a call to your agent to see if you are entitled to a rate reduction.

The split score 04/4Y is awarded in Perrysburg Township because not all the Township’s thirty-six square miles have fire hydrants.  The “04” applies to areas with hydrants and the 4Y is reflective of areas in Perrysburg Township that do not have readily available access to fire hydrants.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) rates fire departments across the Country on a 1-10 rating system that is indicative of the department’s ability to suppress structure fires.  The lower your score the better.

There are three main criteria that the scoring system looks at:

  • 10% of the score comes from the capabilities of the dispatch center and the type of communication system that you have.
  • 40% of the score comes from a review of the water supply system.
  • 50% of the score comes from a review of the fire department’s first alarm response and initial attack capabilities to minimize potential loses.
    • Engine Companies 6 points
    • Reserve Pumpers 0.5 points
    • Pump Capacity 3 points
    • Ladder/Service Companies 4 points
    • Reserve Ladder/Service Trucks 0.5 points
    • Deployment Analysis 10 points
    • Company Personnel 15 points
    • Training 9 points
    • Operations Considerations 2 points
    • Community Risk Reduction 5.5 points (In addition to the 50 points above)


Letter from ISO