Press Release November 8, 2013 “Burglary indictments”

OurTown Perrysburg October 27, 2013 “X is not a no-name for Perrysburg Township police”

Toledo News Now October 22, 2013 “Perrysburg Twp Police get hi-tech gadgets”

OurTown Perrysburg October 6, 2013 “Good time playing with fire at Perrysburg Township open house”

Toledo New Now September 23, 2013 “Perrysburg Twp. Police drilled on when to shoot”

Toledo News Now September 16, 2013 “Perrysburg Twp police tracking crime trends online”

Press Release September 9, 2013 “Perrysburg Township Fire/EMS Open House & Bike Safety Event”

OurTown Perrysburg September 5, 2013 “Demolition of closed Lime City School might come Sept. 30″

Press Release September 5, 2013 “Reckless driving on Oakmead”

OurTown Perrysburg September 4, 2103 “Eye opening crime stats released by Perrysburg Township”

OurTownPerrysburg August 28, 2013 “Perrysburg Township to merge fire station open house with police bike safety”

OurTownPerrysburg August 23,2013 “Perrysburg school bus drivers learn to disarm intruders”

Press Release August 21, 2013 “Subway Robbery”

ToledoNewsNow August 19, 2013 “Perrysburg Twp Police bike unit returns”

ToledoNewsNow August 19, 2013 “Luxury Apartments being built in Perrysburg Township”

Press Release August 16, 2013 “Perrysburg Township Police Department Announce Revamped Program”

Press Release July 12, 2013 “Perrysburg Township and Perrysburg Commons to have naming contest”

OurTown Perrysburg July 1, 2013 “Perrysburg Township trustees OK switch of natural gas provider”

OurTown Perrysburg June 16, 2013 “E-Waste added to monthly recycling drop off in Perrysburg Township”

ToledoNewsNow June 7, 2013 “Perrysburg Twp Police bust multi-state fraud ring”

Press Release June 7, 2013 “Perrysburg Township Introduces Monthly E-waste Recycling”

OurTownPerrysburg May 8, 2013 “Perrysburg Township marks 190th birthday quietly”

Press Release May 7, 2013 “Northern Regional SWAT Task Force Honored”

Press Release April 23, 2013 Drug Take Back Event at Walgreen’s

OurTownPerrysburg April 17, 2013 “Perrysburg deputy chief Gilmore to retire then take same post with township”

Press Release April 17, 2013: Perrysburg Township Hires Deputy Fire Chief

Press Release April 17, 2013: Perrysburg Township Hires Deputy Police Chief

ToledoNewsNow March 10, 2013 “Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson”

OurTownPerrysburg March 6, 2013 “Perrysburg Township Trustees unanimously approve appointment of new law director”

ToledoNewsNow March 4, 2013 “Perrysburg Twp. Police Chief returns, accept pay cut”

OurTownPerrysburg February 22, 2013 ” Perrysburg Township Board of Trustees rehires retired police chief”

Sentinel Tribune February 21, 2013 ” Perrysburg Twp. rehires police chief”

ToledoNewsNow February 18, 2013 “Call 11 For Action Investigation: Faulty Deadbolts”

OurTownPerrysburg February 12, 2013 “Police seek applicants for citizens academy”

Sentinel Tribune February 11, 2013 “SWAT team hits targeted goals”

OurTownPerrysburg January 1, 2013 “Board names Walt Celley new Perrysburg Township administrator”