Snow Emergencies


Whenever the Perrysburg Township Chief of Police perceives a snow emergency to exist in Perrysburg Township he may declare the existence of said emergency independent of a declaration made by the Wood County Sheriff. Emergencies may be declared because of snow, freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow drifts or other natural phenomenon which create, or are likely to create, hazardous conditions or impede the free movement of police, fire, emergency vehicles and personnel, or otherwise endanger the safety and welfare of the public.

Certain roads in Perrysburg Township are designated as Snow Emergency Routes. Please click here for a comprehensive list of these Snow Emergency Routes. These routes are illustrated by snow emergency roadway signs which explain the responsibilities of residents located on these routes.  This is to ensure streets are plowed full width to the curb. Violators may be cited and/or have their vehicles towed.

The posting of a declaration of snow emergency on the Township’s website and/or social media sites shall constitute due and proper notice of the emergency and the terms and conditions thereof. The Snow Emergency Route parking ban and rules shall continue in effect until the Chief of Police declares the emergency has ended.

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