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Do not use this permit application for tent or membrane structures on State-owned property.  Permit application for these tent or membrane structures must be obtained from the State Fire Marshal’s office, Bureau of Code Enforcement.

A permit shall be obtained through the Fire Prevention Bureau for any of the following:

  • Tent – A structure, enclosure, or shelter, with or without sidewalls or drops, constructed of fabric or pliable material supported by any manner except by air or the contents it protects.
  • Temporary Storage Canopy – A temporary ground-supported membrane-covered frame structure used to cover the stage area and support equipment in the production of outdoor entertainment events.
  • Membrane Structure – An air-inflated, air-supported cable or frame-covered structure as defined by the building code as listed in rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code and not otherwise defined as a tent.
  • Air Inflated Structure – A structure that uses air-inflated membrane beams, arches, or other elements to enclose space.  Occupants of such a structure do not occupy the pressurized area used to support the structure.
  • Air Supported Structure – A structure wherein the shape of the structure is attained by air pressure, and occupants of the structure are within the elevated pressure area.

Permit Applications May Be Submitted Electronically At:

Full text of OFC Rule 31 is available for viewing at

The application shall be accompanied by two sets of drawings and specifications no larger than 11”x17” that clearly show compliance with distance and applicable requirements of the Ohio Fire Code or other referenced standards, as follows:

  • Drawn to scale or dimension, showing property lines and public ways.
  • Show building(s) or structure(s) on the site and indicate the nature of their use
  • Show site layout with the location of tents/canopies/membrane structure, including the size of each tent, canopy, and membrane structure; distance between each tent/canopy/membrane structure; distance from buildings, lot lines, vehicle parking areas, and surrounding combustible or flammable materials.  Support ropes and guy wires are considered as part of the temporary membrane structure or tent.
  • Describe the purpose or activities to be held in each tent, canopy, and air-supported structure.
  • Attach affidavit or affirmation with the application stating the date of the most recent flame retardant application for each tent, canopy, or membrane structure to be erected.  Shall include:
    • Applicator
    • Serial number of the tent, canopy, or air membrane structure
  • Show arrangement of any seating, tables, and stages that will be located within or near the structure.
    • Fire Extinguishers – Location of all require portable fire extinguishers.  A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher with a 2-A: rating is required to be mounted in a location that is always visible to occupants and accessible.
    • Exits – Tents, where 50 or more persons will congregate, shall have approved, illuminated exit signs installed at each designated exit.
  • The permit application shall be filed with the Perrysburg Township Bureau of Fire Prevention not less than five (5) business days in advance of the scheduled erection of the tent, canopy, or membrane structure.
  • A permit shall be obtained prior to the erection of the tent, canopy, or membrane structure.
  • The applicant shall contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 419-872-8850 not less than two business days in advance of the event to schedule the inspection of the erected structure(s) to determine compliance with applicable provisions of the Ohio Fire Code.

Perrysburg Township Bureau of Fire Prevention

Fire Inspector:  Keith Feeney

Office Hours:  M-F 8:00-4:30

Phone:  419-872-8850 (o)


O.A.C. 1301:7-7-31

OFC Rule 31

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